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Top Ten Choral Pieces to Soothe the Soul, by Margaux

            With so many things to cry and worry about in this world, it’s only natural to feel blue. It’s easy to dwell in the pain and aches of today. We often forget that this too shall pass; the clouds will lift and we will see the light at the end of every tunnel eventually.

            Music can serve to remind us of this; choral music especially. The pieces in this top ten list are perfect examples. They speak of the more positive aspects of life and make for easy listening, especially when times are tough. The quotes listed capture their essence. From the lush harmonies of Ola Gjeilo’s “Northern Lights” to the beautifully simple melody of Stephen Paulus’ “The Road Home,” we are reminded that overall, life is pretty amazing. These pieces restore hope in humanity and for the future. In short, they have the power to lift our spirits and soothe our souls.

"Earth Song" by Frank Ticheli

“Through darkness and pain and strife, I’ll see, I’ll be, live, see peace."

 "Let My Love Be Heard" by Jake Runestad

“And as grief, once more, mounts to heaven and sings, ‘Let my love be heard.’"

"Jenny" by Nick Myers

"Whispers of their song that echo yet make me glad to know I won’t forget, my Jenny dear."

"Northern Lights" by Ola Gjeilo

“Pulchra es amica mea”

“Thou art beautiful, O my love."

"Ballade to the Moon" by Daniel Elder

“On moonlit night I wander free, my mind to roam on thoughts of thee."

"Only in Sleep" by Eriks Esenvalds

"Only in sleep I see their faces,

Children I played with when I was a child"

"Only in sleep Time is forgotten—

What may have come to them, who can know?"

"The Road Home" by Stephen Paulus

“There is no such beauty as where you belong; rise up, follow me. I will lead you home."

"I Carry Your Heart With Me" by Z. Randall Stroope

“It’s you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you"

"Good night, Dear Heart" by Dan Forrest

“Lie light, lie light. Good night dear heart, good night, good night.”

"Evening Prayer" by Ola Gjeilo

"soothe your suffering ones; pity your afflicted ones;

shield your joyous ones; and all for your love’s sake.”



Pop Around the World

#1 Hits from 10 Countries Around the World

By: Samantha



“Havana” by Camila Cabello

A vibrant song with aspects of “Latin fusion” and pop. The catchy melody and funky rhythms keep the listener dancing until the last drop of the beat



“White Love” by Speed

This enjoyable tune gives listeners a chance to get their groove on for the day. Speed’s voice has a dynamic, prominent sound, and is supported perfectly by a variety of instruments



“Sleep by” Roy Wang

Roy displays his dynamic qualities with this song’s soft verses and strong choruses. His sweet voice keeps listeners engaged in his beautiful melodic poem.



“El Problema” by Alfredo Olivas

At the drop of the mic, this song has you on your feet dancing with its Latin sound and fast moving melody. The jumpy rhythms from the trumpets support Alfredo’s sound as he sings the words with excitement and feeling.



“Shuffla” by Samir and Viktor

These two talented artists angelically harmonize to make an exciting song that will get everyone on their feet. The electric feel makes it a perfect song to groove to!



 “In my Blood” by Shawn Mendes

A song to listen to when you are feeling down or in the mood for a fun and light groove. Shawn shows that his voice can be both a small, innocent thing, and a strong, impactful thing, which makes a big difference in this performance.



“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Sit and sway to Sheeran’s smooth voice and the heartfelt words that he has put to this slow, happy melody.



“La Cripta” (Remix) by Cutty Ranks Y El Chombo

 Singing, shouting, and beatboxing combine to make the perfect beat for dancers to jam to and listeners to groove to.



“God’s Plan” by Drake

This song starts off with a slow electronic feel, and gradually crescendos into a fun, lively song with many digital effects. Drake’s confident tone communicates a deep connection between him and his music.



“Bella” by Wolfine

Wolfine evokes a tropical atmosphere, with beautiful guitar, drums, groovy rhythms, and his wonderful singing.


10 Underrated Artists of 2018

By: Angelica

“I’m a fan of rap, R&B, soul, techno, and variations of rock," - Angelica

Despite their catchy and heart wrenching beats, lyrics, and melodies, these 10 artists have been underrated in 2018. Blackbear has incredible expression and rhythmic style. Eden has relatable heartfelt messages in every song that speaks the truth of the heart in ways we couldn’t. Caye, DVSN, Maajei, and Jeremy Zucker have catchy uplifting songs with euphoric melodies that can set smile in stone. Tobi lou has spectacular relaxing flow and beats. Collier tells a touching story with every song. Yung Pinch and Johhny Yukon have flawless flow’s with perfectly rhymed bars over exciting and creative beats that are self made. All of these artists thrive despite their unrecognized amazing singing voices as well as their rap skills.

1.    EDEN (Ireland)

2.    Tobi Lou   

3.    Jeremy Zucker 

4.    Caye

5.    Collier

6.    Blackbear 

7.    Johnny Yukon 

8.    Maajei vu   

9.    Dvsn 

10.   Yung Pinch