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Taj Talk

Hello readers! If you happened to stumble upon this column, you have the privilege and honor of reading Taj Talk! This is a (hopefully) weekly column in which I answer questions submitted by you! I am Taj, a clarinetist at ECA, but I also play guitar and ukulele, write poetry, and act as well! I'm here to answer all of the questions you may have about the arts or about me! If you would like to submit a question to me and maybe have it featured in this column, you can email it to me at! That is! Without further adieu, let's get into the questions!

Q: Do you constantly have to explain what a clarinet is to a non-musician?

A: Yes and no. A lot of people know what a clarinet is, they just don't know what it sounds like. Many songs have clarinets in them, but people just simply can't recognize it if they hear it; unfortunately they're used to just thinking of the clarinet as a series of squeaks. Clarinet, when played correctly, can actually sound beautifully melodic and woody when playing lower registers, and can sound almost flute-like when playing higher.

Q: When should I start learning an instrument?

A: Anytime really. You're never too old or too young to pick up and play!  

Q: How many people ask if you're Squidward?

A: Everybody.....everybody asks if I am Squidward.

Q: What is the easiest instrument to play for you?

A: I think the easiest instrument to learn for me was ukulele, considering I had already taken basic guitar and ukulele is like a basic version of guitar. It's also one of the most fun instruments that I've played for a similar reason, as ukulele is easy to compose for!